May 29, 2011

Haltija Puoti (Elf Shop) by Tuija Leinonen

Last weekend I visited my favourite Finnish doll artist Tuija Leinonen's home where she held a lovely event called "Elf Shop". Her whole place was beautifully atmospheric and full of these awesome, sweet nature spirits. There were refreshments in the garden and live music and lovely, friendly atmosphere. The apple trees and lilacs were blooming and the place was full of spring energy.

 I was there to pick some dolls for a friend but of course I was more than happy to go because it is always inspiring to see Tuija's beautiful elves and she is such a sweet and wonderful person herself.

And the best thing was that at her place I met a most amazing character that touched my heart so much. S/he wasn't even for sale but I really felt him calling my name so gently. So I asked if s/he could come home with me and Tuija agreed. I will post a picture of him but I can tell photos do not do him justice. The energy of this elf is so consoling, sad but very gentle. Every time I see the elf in my kitchen I feel like caressing its form with my hand because there's something so open and fragile about him. And at the same time s/he's consoling me, telling me that sadness and grief are all right, that s/he can take it all to carry. I am very much in love with this creature. S/he is a very strong spirit full of beauty... like the blackbird song (maybe I'll call him that?)


  1. enchanting! i would love to visit in her home someday... i have been thinking of purchasing another of her dolls, but maybe then when i will find a new home.

  2. Her home is lovely and so are the dolls. I really truly love the one I found. S/he is so special... my little Blackbird song... <3

  3. Such a lovely creature. is this a real birds claw?

  4. Yes, it's real. I love this elf so much. <3