Apr 12, 2011

Spring fashion in the fairyland and other stories...

Yesterday I received a packet of awesomeness in the post. Two absolutely amazing fairie-ality books by David Ellwand!. I love beautiful books and these two are truly special. I want to start creating fairy homes and clothes!

Apr 10, 2011

spring jewelry

These pieces of jewelry are strongly inspired by the amazing works of my dear friend Robin & The Sage. I find her creations truly magical and special. Last time we met she gave me a huge bag full of all kinds of treasures like beads, wools and ribbons which tempted me to try out some new techniques. I have never crocheted jewelry before but wanted to try it now that I finally solved the mystery of how to add the beads in your work. :)

I found round flat glass beads in the craft store yesterday and wanted to use them in my jewelry. I decorated the beads with nature pictures and the face of Virgin Mary & Jesus (I love religious iconography and I like to use it in creative ways), shimmering paints and gel mediums.

Apr 9, 2011

Goddesses of Spring

I'm looking forward to spring greens and blooming trees and that inspired me to create these little Spring Goddess figures. They can be used as bookmarks or decorations.

Sakura Maiden

Abundant Joy

Colour glory

 I found a little bead shop in the old market hall in Hakaniemi this winter and went a wee bit crazy and bought wooden beads of  several colours. Beaded necklaces are so easy to make and they look great. I love to use contrast colours and I've been feeling especially drawn to yellows & oranges lately.

The 19th century style dress I found in a second hand store. It was such a miraculous day because on my way to work I was dreaming of a twilight blue 19th century dress and how I would love to wear one. Then I decided to visit a second hand store because it was on my way and guess what I found there? The dress was a perfect fit and as if it was made for me. Who knows, maybe it was...

Apr 7, 2011


 I love to try out new techniques. My favourite materials for collages are old book covers, lace, shimmering paints, glitter glue, effect gels etc. Most of these little collages are made from fashion catalogue pictures with gel transfer technique on oil pastel coloured papers. Who would have guessed?


Dreaming Elven dolls

I've been creating these little dreamers for a few years now. They are nature spirits with different characters and personalities. What they have in common is that they all are sleeping or at least pretending to sleep in the company of human beings.

Art deco booklets

 Mail art decos are little themed self made booklets people swap via snail mail. There's several different styles, techniques and materials people use when making these. My favourite techniques are collages with self painted papers, vintage photos and transfers but now and then I find inspiration for all kinds of crazy experiments. :)

Creative Ventures!

Welcome to my new creative blog. This will be my little haven of beauty and enchantment; a place to share pictures of my crafts, art, kitchen magics, garden and nature ventures and lots more.

I'm so excited to get started!