Apr 10, 2011

spring jewelry

These pieces of jewelry are strongly inspired by the amazing works of my dear friend Robin & The Sage. I find her creations truly magical and special. Last time we met she gave me a huge bag full of all kinds of treasures like beads, wools and ribbons which tempted me to try out some new techniques. I have never crocheted jewelry before but wanted to try it now that I finally solved the mystery of how to add the beads in your work. :)

I found round flat glass beads in the craft store yesterday and wanted to use them in my jewelry. I decorated the beads with nature pictures and the face of Virgin Mary & Jesus (I love religious iconography and I like to use it in creative ways), shimmering paints and gel mediums.


  1. the first two are my favorites. so beautyful!

  2. oooh, so lovely Merel!!! i absolutely love the beautiful colors you always use and how your creations are so faery kind <3

    p.s. we just must next time to create together when we meet!

  3. Thank you both of you. It's been fun to create jewelry. :)

    And yes, indeed, it would be wonderful to make creative crafts together! :)